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FDU E-TASTE Episode 3- Crystal and High profit

Explore the potential profits awaiting you in the world of Frozen Desserts! Join us for an exciting and informative journey in the third episode of our captivating series, E-TASTE. Delve into the delightful realm of frozen treats and unlock the secrets to maximizing your earnings in this lucrative industry.


 1. Ice Cream - Profitable Product:

This section likely delves into the profitability aspects of producing and selling ice cream. It may discuss factors such as market demand, production costs, pricing strategies, and the potential for profit margins within the ice cream industry.

Exploring the financial viability of sorbet and water ice, this part might discuss their market appeal, cost-effective production methods, pricing considerations, and the potential profitability compared to other frozen desserts like ice cream.

3. Plant-Based and Instagrammable Product:

This segment likely highlights the growing market trend for plant-based frozen desserts that are aesthetically pleasing and 'Instagrammable.' It may discuss how appealing visuals and plant-based options cater to a specific consumer segment, driving sales and brand recognition through social media.

4. Pints and Cake - Profit Opportunity:

This topic could focus on the profitability of selling frozen desserts in pint-sized containers and the opportunities presented by offering cakes or desserts suitable for celebrations or special occasions. It might explore the profit margins, packaging considerations, and marketing strategies for these products.

5. Crystal with Single Portion:

This section might detail the importance of presentation and portion control in the dessert industry. It could discuss the significance of crystal-clear packaging and the appeal of single-serve portions in attracting customers and enhancing sales.

6. Overrun Calculation:

Explaining the concept of overrun in frozen desserts, this part might cover the calculation methods used to determine the amount of air incorporated into the final product during the churning process. It could discuss how overrun affects texture, taste, and the economics of production.

Episode 3 focus on the financial aspects and market strategies within the frozen dessert industry, highlighting various products' profitability, market trends, presentation techniques, and calculations crucial to successful business operations.

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