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FDU E-TASTE Episode 2 - Non Dairy Frozen Desserts

In this Frozen Dessert class, we dive into the exciting world of Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts, where innovation meets deliciousness.


Here's an expanded breakdown of the subjects covered in Episode 2 of Frozen Dessert University E taste:

1. Water Ice:

This segment likely explores water-based frozen desserts, known for their refreshing and icy texture. It may cover the basic ingredients, freezing techniques, and methods used to achieve various flavors and consistencies in water ice treats.

2. Sorbet:

Discussing sorbet, this topic might elaborate on its composition, emphasizing its fruit-based nature and dairy-free characteristics. It could cover the process of creating sorbet, including the selection of fruits, sugar content, freezing methods, and achieving the ideal texture and flavor.

3. Plant-Based:

This section might delve into the rising trend of plant-based frozen desserts. It could discuss the use of alternative ingredients such as nut milks (like almond or cashew), coconut milk, or soy-based products to create dairy-free and vegan-friendly frozen treats. The focus might be on both taste and the nutritional aspects of these plant-based options.

4. A Look Into Batch Freezers:

Exploring the equipment side of dessert-making, this part could provide insights into batch freezers. It might cover how these machines work, their significance in the production process, and how different types of batch freezers impact the final product's texture and consistency.

5. Different Beater/Different Overrun:

This topic may explain how the type of beater used in the churning process affects the overrun, which is the amount of air incorporated into the frozen dessert. It could discuss how varying beaters or mixing techniques impact the texture and quality of the final product.

6. The Importance of Sugar & Water:

This segment likely emphasizes the crucial roles of sugar and water in frozen dessert recipes. It might discuss how these components contribute not only to taste but also to texture, consistency, and the freezing process. Balancing sugar and water content is critical in achieving the desired sweetness and structure of frozen treats.

Episode 2  focus on the diversity within the realm of frozen desserts, exploring various types, ingredients, equipment, and key factors affecting the quality and characteristics of these sweet treats.

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