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Online - Crafting your own showcase: Cake & Popsicle class

Online - workshop combining Carpigiani & SIlikomart for Stunning Storefront Displays. The overall goal is to equip pastry and gelato chefs with innovative yet simple and replicable tools and ideas, focusing on aesthetic and visual aspects



Crafting your own showcase Training Program:

What's included?

  • Recipe Book

  • Class Material

  • Special doscount on Silikomart mold used in the class


1. Introduction to Frozen Desserts:

Overview of the frozen dessert industry.
Market trends and the rising popularity of frozen cakes and popsicles.
Diversification and consumer demand for single-serve options.

2. Ingredients and Equipment:

- Detailed discussion on essential ingredients for cakes, popsicles, and single-serve treats.
- Introduction to specialized equipment for both categories.
- Sourcing high-quality ingredients and equipment.

3. Frozen Cake Section:

- Recipe development for frozen cakes, including ice cream cakes, semifreddo, and gelato cakes.
- Layering, stacking, and molding techniques for cake assembly.
- Flavor combinations, experimentation, and adaptation for dietary preferences.

4. Popsicle and Single-Serve Treat Section:

- Molding techniques for popsicles and creative shapes for single-serve desserts.
- Base mixtures and compositions tailored for popsicles and single servings.
- Decorating, garnishing, and achieving cohesive themes in smaller portions.

5. Temperature Control and Storage:

- Importance of temperature control in frozen desserts.
- Proper storage techniques for cakes, popsicles, and single-serve treats.
- Strategies for transportation and display considering varying freezing points.

6. Decoration and Presentation:

- Design principles for visually appealing cakes, popsicles, and single-serve desserts.
- Tips for creating professional and Instagram-worthy displays.
- Strategies for packaging and presenting frozen treats attractively.

7. Techniques for Cake and Popsicle Assembly:

- Layering and stacking techniques for cakes.
- Hands-on sessions for popsicle molding and shaping.
- Creating decorative layers and textures in both categories.

8. Marketing and Innovation:

- Staying updated with the latest trends in cakes and popsicles.
- Incorporating innovative ideas into both frozen cakes and popsicle designs.
- Leveraging social media for promotion and marketing opportunities.

9. Business Aspects:

- Pricing strategies for frozen cakes, popsicles, and single-serve treats.
- Marketing and branding tips for a diverse range of frozen desserts.
- Building a unique selling proposition for both categories.

10. Networking and Collaboration:

- Opportunities for chefs to connect with suppliers for common ingredients.
- Collaboration ideas within the industry for cross-promotion.
- Building a supportive community for dessert professionals.


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