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Soft Serve & Shake Consulting - Technology, Mix & recipe Development

Craft exceptional high-quality Soft Serve treats, balance flavors, master machine technology, and gain valuable business essentials!


This class includes Hands-on Experience on Carpigiani Equipment

Lunch will be provided

Explore Soft Serve Magic in 2 Days!

Day 1: Technology and Retail Operation Management

What's Inside:

1. Machine Magic:

Learn the ins and outs of soft serve machines, from freezing processes to hands-on operation demos.

2. Soft Serve Secrets:

Dive into crafting the perfect soft serve, understanding the art and science behind flavor, texture, and that creamy swirl.

3. Success Stories:

Get inspired by real-world businesses, discovering their strategies and innovations in the soft serve world.

4. Mix Options:

Explore a variety of mix options, from classic to adventurous flavors. Get ready to craft a menu for every taste.

5. Money Matters:

Uncover the financial side of running a soft serve venture, from cost management to pricing strategies.

As Day 1 concludes, you'll leave with a better grasp of how machine technology, culinary creativity, and business savvy all intertwine in the realm of soft serve. Get ready to take these foundational insights with you as we dive into more exploration tomorrow!

Day 2: Mix & recipe Development

Welcome to Day 2! Explore mix development and operations for outstanding soft serve.

What's Inside:

1. Mix It Up:

Learn to balance flavors, textures, and ingredients, creating your signature soft serve mix.

2. Hands-On Operations:

Roll up your sleeves with ingredient measurement and consistency tips for perfect soft serve.

3. Get Creative:

Experiment with ingredients in a hands-on mix creation workshop guided by our experts.

4. Quality & Consistency:

Discover tricks for maintaining top-notch quality and consistency in every soft serve serving.

Day 2 refines your soft serve skills, empowering you to create a mix that wows. Don't miss this chance to level up your soft serve game!

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